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Real Estate

This is what your listing was missing. Our team of PPA Certified, FAA licensed, and Matterport Certified photographers are perhaps the most qualified people to photograph your real estate listing. We have experience in corporate, commercial, and private real-estate.


 Look no further.

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Make Matterport your secret weapon. Prospective clients are blown away by listing presentations that include real, immersive 3D Spaces. A Matterport 3D Showcase creates an emotional connection with the home that simply can't be replicated using any other virtual tour platform. Matterport has been the name in the game for high-fidelity, high-resolution 3D-modeling for real-estate since their inception in 2011. Their modeling software has remained the platform of choice for property managers and realtors across the country. Matterport V-Tours are also Virtual Reality ready. We can even send your prospective clients a VR headset to truly experience the home as if they were actually there.

Drone Imagery

Carolina Elite also specializes in capturing stunning aerial images of commercial, corporate, and private properties. We have several drones in our fleet for different applications, and all of them are equipped with the best imaging systems available on the market today. Our top-dog drone system is a $10,000 cinema machine used on Hollywood sets around the world. It has a maximum resolution of 5.2k and takes 30MP HDR still images that look absolutely stunning. Check out our gallery to see the kinds of images we can create for your MLS listing. Every photo we take is shot in RAW before being professionally graded and exposed - these aren't your cousin's drone pics. 


If you want your listing to stand out amongst the thousands of homes listed for sale every day, it is imperative that your pictures reveal the inherent beauty and character of that property. Our PPA certified photographers have over 5 years of experience shooting homes worth upwards of $1 million. We employ several real-estate specific photographic techniques such as long exposure imagery for those stunning nighttime shots as well as zero-distortion wide-angle photography resulting in crisp, straight-edge, super wide interior shots that look like they should be printed in a magazine. We know how to stage spaces for the most flattering shots that are sure to spark intrigue with your clients. With professionally shot and edited photos like these, we can breathe new life into your MLS listing.


In case you want to advertise your property in a more dynamic fashion, we also offer the option to create a home walkthrough video. We use a gimbal-stabilized, full-frame 4K camera to capture each space in a properly cinematic style that exposes the natural beauty of your home while accentuating the gorgeous little details that may be overlooked with a Virtual Tour or traditional photography. Every video is put through our pro-level workflow which has been honed and developed over the last 5 years specifically for real-estate videography. These videos do not look like the amateurish drivel that some of our competitors will charge you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for. We promise you will be blown away or your money back. 

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